concrete blast – Francesca Perani
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//concrete blast

Concrete blast

Un pianeta per la ricerca

year / anno

project by / progetto di
architetta Francesca Perani / architetta Sandra Marchesi


collaborators / collaboratori
Silvia Pezzotti / Chiara Del Sant / Sara Pastorino

photo / foto
Francesca Perani
location / luogo
Italy – Bergamo
type / tipologia intervento

art installation

client / cliente
fondazione internazionale ONLUS “Aiuti per la ricerca sulle malattie rare” A.R.M.R.

dimension / dimensioni

2 floors


Status: completed


Project selected for the exhibition “A planet for the Research” created by Donato Losa and Attilio Pizzigoni, 22 architects in support of Foundation A.R.M.R. Aid for Research on Rare Diseases.
The approach is extremely impudent, brave.
The glass sphere is not used as suggested by the competition to define an imagined space but as a mold in wich shaping concrete (concrete a material chosen for it’s nature so opposite to the fragility of its container).
The breaking of the two materials is the action that frees the space from its storage containers.
The imagined future desecrates the long-established “residential housing” to establish new relations of self-sufficiency and sharing spaces. Nowadays new virtual networks allow us to get away from megacities and propose a renewed relationship between man and habitats.
A recovery of ancient pleasures physical / textural, a feeling that define new living spaces.